What we do

We help bridge the gaps between science, people and the land

Find, connect and deliver agriculture and food data worldwide

Our mission has always been to understand, organise and empower agricultural scientific data from around the world. We support scientists in organizations that face Digital Agriculture challenges, offering the right strategies, services and tools to help them advance, evolve, and innovate. We enhance their vision to find more efficient and sustainable ways to produce food. Our approach is methodical and proven: the Agroknow Cycle helps scientists embrace digital culture, take advantage of big data and achieve faster results.

Why Agroknow

The elements of success

The Experience

We have been working on data challenges in agriculture for more than a decade. We have designed scientific search engines for FAO and the CGIAR and are leading the development of EU-funded digital infrastructure for all European scientists in agriculture and food.

The Power Mix

We are a unique blend of data, computing, agronomy, food and marketing experts. Every time you face a challenge, a special team of consultants is set up to address it in a tailor-made manner.

The Sophistication

We were among the first that really tackled challenges in managing agricultural scientific data. We continue on this path with the same vigour. Our niche expertise is our super power.

The Method

We use our agile, design-oriented method to support our clients. The Agroknow Cycle is our proprietary tool kit that will help you quickly and creatively address even the most complex business and scientific challenges.

40 global organizations

Has provided support to more than 40 organizations worldwide

95% of the developing world

Has empowered global initiatives reaching out to more than 95% of the developing world

9.000.000 scientific publications

Has harvested, linked, and indexed almost 9,000,000 scientific publications on agriculture, food and the environment

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